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Re-Wilding In The Forest of Dean

All pieces in this series consider the importance of re-wilding in Britain and how we all should be a part of encouraging nature to develop biodiversity and to support climate change. These pieces aim to raise awareness and consider our role in what we can all do to create a more sustainable world.

The lion in some of this work is of course a symbol, as king of the jungle, or the forest, he represents power and a force for good. He is supporting the spreading of seeds by breathing hard and scattering them. Also, by working with other animals, sometimes a fierce rabbit that is almost going into battle to spread the word and to let the kingdom know they are storming through the forest to do their work. A hawk in one piece flies nearby to find out what is going on.

In this imaginary world the forest floor is beginning to flourish with new growth and in turn the insects, butterflies will arrive, followed by birds and long lost creatures.


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